Start up businesses often have a whole heap of fantastic things going on but simply not enough resources to get everything done. I can step in and help out with all sorts of activities which help you to meet your goals, whether this be acting as your marketing department or getting your website off the ground. For start-ups, hiring me is a low-cost and flexible way to keep innovating and moving quickly.

Small – medium businesses

For many businesses, it may not be the right time to employ a Marketing or SEO Manager full-time but you know you need to address your marketing activities. By hiring me, you can get all the benefits of having your own marketing department without the commitments of full-time employment. I work with many businesses as their SEO resource, working with internal teams to ensure that all of that exciting new content is optimised. I also work with many companies, large and small, handling their social media accounts and communication.


I work with some agencies as more of a partnership, where they don’t necessarily provide marketing or SEO services but would like to offer it to clients who specifically ask for it. By leaving me to take on the marketing, the agency can keep their clients on retainer for the work they already do best.

Some companies I have worked with