Social media is easy – your 13 year old daughter is doing it, right?

Sort of. The process of going on to social platforms and updating your status is pretty straight forward. The art of knowing what to post and when to post it is a slightly different ball game.

Why is social media important?

Social media is a crucial part of any marketing campaign and businesses can’t get away with not including at least one of the platforms into their communication network any more. The online world has changed dramatically over the last 10 years and social channels are fast becoming the main platforms for communicating with your customers.

As well as a vital communication stream, social media is a chance to create a window for your brand. Rather than focusing on your products and services, you get to show a bit of your personality, your brand values and engage with like-minded people who could end up being free brand ambassadors.

Rumour also has it that active and influential social media channels act as social signals for your website, giving your website a greater chance of being ranked higher in organic search results. This ‘rumour’ rarely gets confirmed, but various studies have found it to be true.

How can I help?

Social media can be a real time drain on small companies and it often ends up being pushed to the bottom of the pile. I can work with you to create an exciting social media strategy which doesn’t require sitting on Facebook at all hours of the day, leaving you to get on with the important stuff.

I can create and source content on your behalf, or you can share your latest updates with me and I’ll make sure your social networks hear about it. I aim to engage with the most influential people in your network and continuously improve activity to ensure you get the most gain from the time we put in.

I’ll continuously monitor the way people engage with your brand, tweaking the best time to post, the best content to share and the messages which really resonate.

Paid social media

In the current online climate, it’s almost AS important to be utilising paid social media campaigns as it is to be growing your organic presence. Why? Social media is changing – for the better some might argue – to be more focused on providing meaningful interactions among friends and family (as opposed to irrelevant brand messages and annoying clickbait “You won’t believe what happened next…” type of content).

This is good for us on a personal level, but it’s making it much harder for brands to get their messages into the news feeds of their customers. Platforms like Facebook (who conveniently also own Instagram) are now putting much more emphasis on providing genuinely meaningful experiences on social, and if you can’t do that? Well you’ll have to pay to appear in someones news feed instead.

I have worked with many brands to run paid social media campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn, helping to grow their online audiences & improve website conversions.

Need some help with your social media strategy or implementation? Get in touch!