Digital marketing is a phrase which covers the whole plethora of digital media channels, including social media, PPC, email marketing, copywriting, PR, conversion rate optimisation, user experience and A/B testing.

I have a general marketing background and have a strong skill set working across all of the channels, both directly and on a consultative basis. I can work with your team to devise a solid digital marketing strategy which utilises the right channels for your goals.


Some companies have approached me because they are already doing digital marketing but it doesn’t seem to be getting the results they hoped for. In this situation, I will take the time to look at all of the current activities and analyse where customers might be dropping off. After an audit, we can put together a new digital marketing plan focusing on the channels most likely to convert your audience. This allows you to spend your budget in the right places and upskill the team where necessary.

Digital Marketing Plans

Sometimes when you are so involved in your daily marketing its hard to take a step back and reassess the situation. I can work with you to devise a digital marketing plan which is achievable and successful. Following an audit of your current activities, goals and competitors, we can come up with a digital marketing strategy that is both achievable and successful. I have had success using all of the marketing channels when they have been used appropriately and will ensure you find the right balance of social media, email marketing, blog writing, SEO, CRO and reporting.

Getting my hands dirty

Digital marketing is fun when you get to watch the fruits of your labour! I love getting stuck into some digital marketing and can help to fill a gap where you have limited resources, time or simply aren’t interested enough. As well as SEO, I regularly manage social media campaigns, copy writing for blogs and create email marketing campaigns.

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